Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Thing

Yup it's me again ;)
I decided to start a blog from the "beginning".
So yeah...
Haven't wrote in a while.
Busy busy busy with college.
I'll try not to disappear for too long.
Eg, how have you been people?
P.S. Sara, sorry I didn't reply. I was really busy.
I'd like to continue talking to you :)


Lady C. said...

Hi! I'm Carolina. I read your blog since you started to write on it, but i've never left a comment(don't know why XD) so i read about all the "tom's story" and actually i've always believed you, eventhough i had my doubt, i thought "why should she lie?". btw i'm not gonna say anything about that cuz i don't think it's a big deal the fact that u lied: everybody does. Just wanted to tell u that i'd like to know you so if u want u can come and see my blog :)

Jade's Prinzesschen said...

Hey, sweetie!
We haven't talk in a lot of time! I have been a little bussy too >_<
How are you? I hope it's all well over there :)
Mail me when you want! You know where to find me =P
I have to ask you something!
Well, hope here from you soon!


HachikĊ said...

you are not as evil as those girls are saying about you here you seem very nice and i believe you! i think some of those girls should fuck off!